From Athens’ gymnasium 550 BCE to Club Fit gym in Jávea 2019

Is there a connection between a gym and gender equality? Well, it isn’t immediately obvious, but if we have a look at the very first gyms they were only known to men. In Athens back in 550 BCE the gymnasium was an open-air training facility reserved for men to take part in public games and the ancient sports of running, jumping, javelin, boxing, gymnastics and wrestling. The name gymnasium comes from the ancient Greek term gymnós meaning “naked” hence the athletes trained and competed nude.

Fast forward to 2019: Nowadays, house rules dictate that training in sleeveless T-shirts for men is prohibited. The German Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency repeatedly receives enquiries because men feel discriminated against because of the dress code.

On the other hand, more and more health-conscious women are conquering the fitness market and more women than men train in gyms. Strength training and body sculpting has long ceased to be a purely male domain.

At Club Fit gym in Jávea we are proud of the diversity. When you take a cycling class, you will find yourself pedalling with men and women from different countries, from every generation and at every stage in their fitness journey. When you take a functional training class you can work at your own pace next to women and men who are all working to feel stronger.

Not to mention our female members jabbing and kicking in the mixed martial arts class and our male members strengthening and stretching their bodies with Pilates. But we find that women commit more time to their cardio and stretching and men to a consistent weight training workout.

No matter who you are, where you are from, your gender identity, your fitness level or fitness goal - at Club Fit gym in Jávea you will feel comfortable doing your training surrounded by all sorts of people!

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