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No matter if you are a group fitness junkie or a first timer, if you want to push yourself to the limit while competing with others or if you desire to relieve stress while focusing on your breath, at Club Fit Javea you can find the type of fitness class that fits your needs.

Functional Training Classes

In our functional training classes, you work your body the way you use it in everyday tasks or in sports activities. This allows you to perform better the activities of everyday life or to improve your sports performance. Functional training focuses on activating muscles groups instead of isolating single muscles and uses dynamic movement patterns in a standing position rather than individual exercises while seated on a machine.

Functional training classes are for you if you want to:

  • strengthen and tone the whole body
  • activate your metabolism and lose weight
  • strengthen the abs and lower back
  • create total core stability
  • increase stamina, speed and power
  • improve balance and posture
  • improve your sports performance
  • prepare for a competition
  • prepare yourself for activities such as tennis, golf or hiking
  • prevent back and joint pain
  • reduce the risk of injuries and falls
  • look and feel good


Are you an early bird? Do you want to get your fitness routine done before starting your day?  Or do you have a busy schedule? Then CrossCircuit is perfect for you.

This functional training class combines cardio and strengthening exercises to get the most out of a 50-minute session. We start with a warmup to get your metabolism working and your heart pumping. Then we will use different functional training tools such as the CoreStix, PowerPipe, weight bags, Swingbar, Gymstick or Balance Trainer to work your whole body. We end the session with stretching exercises, so you can leave the gym with an energetic and stretched body.


Do you want to get great fitness results in the shortest time possible? Are you looking for a diversified training routine? Don’t look any further – CrossFunc has it all. In this popular functional training class you can experience virtually unlimited exercises and movement patterns, which adapt to your ability and fitness level, no matter if you are a top athlete, , are new to training or recover from an injury. CrossFunc offers you the best balance between simple but effective exercise options. 

In the CrossFunc class we use a metal frame with a bar as workout tools. Simply by changing the bar height we create different exercises and by changing the angle between the bar and your body, you can adapt the exercises to your fitness level and goal. You will learn how to perform the movements in the most effective way to get your muscles burning and your legs shaking. To get the most out of the training we integrate functional training tools such as the weight bags, the resistance straps and   balance, coordination and stamina.


CrossTrain combines functional movements with H.I.T. (high intensity cardio training). These short, but intensive endurance training intervals get your heart pumping and boost your metabolism. With the help of functional training tools such as the PowerPipe, the Gymstick, the Swingbar and the BalaneTrainer exercises such as squats, military press and abdominal curls become even more effective and diversified. The H.I.T. with the SmartFit will boosts your metabolism, but also challenges your coordination and reaction. This gives you better results and spices up your workout.


Professional trainers love training their athletes on CoreStix because the innovative system was specifically designed to drive better athletic performance. Whether you want to hit harder, swing faster or generate more torque – Core Stix allows you to build power using real athletic movements that translate directly into better results on the field, in the rink and on the court.

In the CoreStix class, we do exercises which might be familiar to you, such as squats, lunges, chest press and shoulder row. But working against the progressive resistance of the CoreStix bars in standing position takes your workout to the next level. You will not only improve in overall strength, but also in core stability, balance and flexibility. CoreStix training helps you to increase sports performance, master the tasks of daily life with ease and reduce the risk of injury.


Do you have a new dress in the wardrobe and worry how to look great in it? Do you want to tone your legs and abs for the upcoming bikini season? Do you want to show off in your new jeans at the next party and need that perfect bottom? Well, a lean tum, slim legs and a firm bottom are hard things to attain, but not impossible thanks to our very popular G.A.P. (legs, bums & tums) class. Our women members are just crazy about this energetic toning class, because it’s an effective and fun way to get rid of those wobbly bits.

First, we work on sculpturing the legs and the bottom using functional training tools such as the Gymstick, the BalanceTrainer and the weight bags. Then we target the abdominals with toning and strengthening exercises using the Magic Circle or a toning ball. We complete the class with an abdominal challenge such as the plank or the Russian twist, which gives the last touch to your abs. First you will love it, then you will hate it.


Are you looking for a different type of workout? Do you want to strengthen your core and improve your balance in a fun way? Then try our invigorating FitBall class.

Performing whole body exercises on the stability ball adds a whole new dimension to your workout. Joining this fun class regularly will help improve your balance, strength and flexibility. You will leave the class feeling toned and stretched and with better posture.

H.I.T. and MMA Classes

In our H.I.T. (high intensity training) and MMA (mixed martial arts) classes intensity is the key. That means you really must work hard. We bring the functional training and cardio to the next level and we require you to push your pace out of your comfort zone. To bring your heart rate up and break a sweat you need to give one hundred percent effort. The intense bursts of exercise are followed by short recovery periods. During the classes you will monitor your heart rate to ensure that you get the best results out of your training. The whole experience is loaded with a lot of fun and motivation so that even hard training units not only bring tired muscles but also great satisfaction.

H.I.T. and MMA classes are for you, if you want to:

  • increase endurance and stamina
  • increase speed, power and agility
  • strengthen and tone your body
  • lose weight
  • improve your sports performance
  • take your workout to the next level
  • reduce stress
  • develop mental toughness
  • spice up your workout
  • feel like a superhero


Due to the rising demand for high energy athletic classes we developed a unique functional training workout here at Club Fit: XtremeFit. This dynamic class incorporates the most important components of athletic conditioning: speed, agility, total body strength and core power.

In the XtremeFit class you will be introduced to the newest training tools in the field of functional training: the versatile Core Hammer and the innovative Power Pipe, which we combine with the battle ropes, the reactive dumbbells and the BalanceTrainer to create a tough but diverse and great fun class. Spice up your workout with ExtremeFit. But do not underestimate the power, speed and stamina needed for this class. The easy day was yesterday! 


Get serious about your fitness training and train like a pro. In this power loaded, high intensity class we introduce you to the Raktor, a reactive dumbbell, used by top athletes of all kind of sports such as football, basketball, handball and skiing.

Exercises with the Raktor are more demanding but also more effective than conventional training. Combining the Raktor with the BalanceTrainer allows us to target different body parts such as legs, arms, shoulders, back and abs. The plyometric movements get your heart pumping faster, activate your deep core muscles and boost your metabolism. This full-body workout will not only strengthen your muscles, but also bulletproof your joints. You will leave the class feeling stronger, more powerful and more agile, ready to come back for more.


In this high-energy class we combine different styles of martial arts to create a full-body workout. By delivering jabs, straights, hooks, uppercuts and kicks on the heavy bag you will not only sculpt your body, but also burn tons of calories. With additional cardio drills and abdominal exercises, you will push yourself to the limit.

Unlike other combat classes we not only offer a high intensity training, but we also teach you the correct technique to punch and even more important how to avoid punches. This way you will not only transform your body but also clear your mind and elevate your spirit.

Fitness Dance Classes

The best thing about our dance-based fitness classes is that you don’t feel like exercising. With the help of your personal heart rate belt you will monitor your heart rate during the class. This way you know when you must increase or lower the pace during the class, so you can train in your individual heart rate zone. This guarantees the best results and prevents you from overworking your heart and lungs.

Fitness dance classes are for you, if you want to:

  • increase cardiovascular endurance
  • improve coordination, balance and posture
  • lose weight
  • strengthen your bones and reduce the risk of osteoporosis
  • boost your mood and improve self-esteem
  • reduce stress, anxiety and depression
  • want to feel happy and have a big smile on your face


This popular fitness dance class combines low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance party. Improve endurance, coordination, balance and flexibility while dancing. Burn calories, boost your energy and leave the class with a big smile on your face.

Strong by Zumba

This high-energy class combines body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio and plyometric training moves to music that has been specifically designed to match every single move. Every squat, every lunge, every burpee is driven by the music, helping you make it to that last rep.

In each class you'll burn a ton of calories while toning your whole body. Explosive moves like high knees, burpees, and jumping jacks are interchanged with isometric moves like lunges, squats, and kickboxing to make sure you’re always challenged to the max.


Latin and African rhythms get you moving and give you a whole-body workout. We start with slow rhythms, picking up the pace throughout the class. 

Our women members absolutely love this music driven class, and more and more guys are getting hooked on LaDanza! as well. LaDanza! gets your heart pumping, your body moving and puts a big smile on your face. You will just feel great while you dance yourself into shape!


In this dynamic toning class, you need to shake the Raktor in your hands while performing athletic movements and cardio intervals to upbeat music. In LaDanza!Power you not only train your heart, lungs and legs, but also your arms, shoulders and torso. Tight arms, a narrow waist and a firm stomach are now possible with dancing: thanks to LaDanza!Power.

LaDanza!Power is a full body workout and the most intense fitness dance class in the market. You burn a lot of calories and have fun, fun, fun ...

Cardio Classes

Cardio vascular training is an essential part of any fitness program and there are plenty of creative ways to get your cardio in. Like with all types of cardio training your stamina and energy will increase, but the cardio classes at Club Fit will bring your cardio training to the next level. During the class you will monitor your heart rate with the IQniter system, which is the same way professional athletes do it to get the balance of training right. The iQniter system allows you to train in your individual heart rate zone. That way you make sure to train hard enough to achieve optimum results and not too hard, so your body will break down. The iQniter system in our cardio classes give you better results and keep you motivated.

The cardio classes are for you, if you:

  • want to increase stamina and cardiovascular endurance
  • want to lose weight
  • are preparing for a marathon or triathlon
  • recover from a cardiovascular disease
  • are looking for a fun way to do your cardio


Are you looking to burn tons of calories? Are you into dance based workouts but still want to train the whole body. Would you like to relief stress, but body-mind classes are not the right match for you? Then step onto the trampoline and get prepared for a high energetic, fun loaded workout for body, mind and soul.

A key role during the workout play the stabilization of the upper body and the activation of the deep abdominal and pelvic floor muscles. The special routine of aerobic moves on the trampoline combined with strengthening and balance exercises guarantees loads of fun. Jumping not only strengthens your body but also boosts your soul.


Do you find that you just can’t help tapping your feet to music? Or you just can’t sit still when you listen to heavy beats? Then DrumBeats is the perfect class for you! When drumming on the gymnastic balls you can really let yourself go, have a great work-out and improve your overall health at the same time.

In this popular class, we use the big gymnastic balls and drumsticks as work out tools. DrumBeats combines traditional aerobic movements and leg strengthening exercises with the powerful beat and rhythm of drums. Improve endurance, strength, coordination and balance while feeling the pulsating rhythms of the drums. A full-body experience to engage your mind and empower your soul.


Paddling alongside with others to upbeat music is not only a challenging workout, but also great fun. High intensity intervals such as short sharp bursts of sprints and hill efforts alternate with active recovery and longer intervals to test your leg strength. Besides burning tons of calories, you also work on your pedalling technique and improve your abdominal strength and posture.

Whether you're a beginner or pro joining this fast-paced class regularly will help you boost your cardio. Expect to leave this class with heavy legs, sweaty and ready to come back for more.


With this spin class we turn your workout into a party. Whether you’re a beginner trying a cycling class for the first time or you are a spinning addict, we have the ultimate combination of fun and exercise for you. Enjoy cycling under flashing disco light while our live DJ is pushing you to the limit with exhilarating beats. So, gather your friends and come cycle and party with us.

Cardio H.I.T.

Do you want to get fit for the outdoors or improve your cardiovascular endurance? Do you find it boring doing your cardio alone? Then join our specially designed Cardio H.I.T. class. In this challenging class you will use your neighbours as motivation while controlling your heart rate with our IQniter system. Row, bike and run to the limits and show what you are made off.


Are you looking for a fun way to strengthen your heart and your lungs? Do you want to improve your eye-hand coordination for playing tennis or golf? Or are you worried about a decrease in mental ability? Then you should join our SMARTfit class.

SMARTfit merges body fitness and brain fitness like no other training method. While training on the futuristic SMARTfit wall you will see lights of different colours, different symbols, numbers or letters and hear different sounds. You need to perform exercises like walking or running around cones or over hurdles and squatting and then strike targets on the SMARTfit wall with your hands or feet. Our members, no matter what age or shape they are, go mad when playing on the SMARTfit.

Body and Mind

Like in other parts of our life also when it comes to exercise it’s important to find the proper balance between hard work and rest. In stressful times, after a hard day of work or an intense training session connecting the mind to the body might be just the right thing to make us feel better. There are many forms of body and mind exercises. All of them help you to create awareness, focus on your breathing and promote muscle relaxation.

Body and Mind classes are for you, if you want to:

  • strengthen your core
  • improve flexibility
  • relieve tight tissue
  • get rid of back or joint pain
  • increase concentration and awareness
  • calm your mind
  • reduce stress

Classical Pilates

Pilates is a body-mind exercise created by Joseph Pilates. Joseph Pilates called it “Contrology”, meaning the mind should control the body. It is a combination of strengthening and stretching exercises with special focus on the deep abdominal and back muscles. Nowadays Pilates is taught in many different ways, but only the classical Pilates, which we teach at CLUB FIT, adheres to the original method of Joseph Pilates.

In this class we perform classical Pilates exercises on the mat. The center of the Pilates Method is the breathing. Deep, controlled breathing activates blood circulation and awakens cells and muscles. You will learn the fundamentals of Pilates training and the classical Pilates exercises such as The Basic 5 and the Basic 10.

Pilates Fusion

In this invigorating body and mind class we perform a variety of classical Pilates exercises with the aid of small training tools such as the foam roller, the Magic Circle and the resistance band. The equipment provides us with resistance and an additional challenge when performing the Pilates exercises.

Like in all Pilates classes we focus on deep breathing and activating the deep core muscles. In addition we target areas such as the thighs, arms and back, allowing you to leave the class feeling toned and stretched.

Stretch & Flow

Stretch & Flow is a unique body and mind workout to invigorating music. We combine movements of Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga and Pilates that mobilize and stretch your whole body.

In the first part of the class we warm up the joints and muscles with fluid movements. Then we activate the circulation of the blood and the oxygen throughout the body with a series of dynamic movements. In the third part, we focus on mobilizing the spine and activating the deep abdominal muscles. We complete the class with a series of deep stretching exercises leaving you elongated and rebalanced.

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