No matter if you are a group fitness junkie or a first timer, if you want to push yourself to the limit while competing with others or if you desire to relieve stress while focusing on your breath, at Club Fit Javea you can find the type of fitness class that fits your needs.

Functional training classes

In our functional training classes, you work your body the way you use it in everyday tasks or in sports activities. This allows you to perform better the activities of everyday life or to improve your sports performance. Functional training focuses on activating muscles groups instead of isolating single muscles and uses dynamic movement patterns in a standing position rather than individual exercises while seated on a machine.

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H.I.T. and MMA classes

In our H.I.T. (high intensity training) and MMA (mixed martial arts) classes intensity is the key. That means you really must work hard. We bring the functional training and cardio to the next level and we require you to push your pace out of your comfort zone. To bring your heart rate up and break a sweat you need to give one hundred percent effort. The intense bursts of exercise are followed by short recovery periods. During the classes you will monitor your heart rate to ensure that you get the best results out of your training. The whole experience is loaded with a lot of fun and motivation so that even hard training units not only bring tired muscles but also great satisfaction.

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Fitness dance classes

The best thing about our dance-based fitness classes is that you don’t feel like exercising. With the help of your personal heart rate belt you will monitor your heart rate during the class. This way you know when you must increase or lower the pace during the class, so you can train in your individual heart rate zone. This guarantees the best results and prevents you from overworking your heart and lungs.

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Cardio classes

Cardio vascular training is an essential part of any fitness program and there are plenty of creative ways to get your cardio in. Like with all types of cardio training your stamina and energy will increase, but the cardio classes at Club Fit will bring your cardio training to the next level. During the class you will monitor your heart rate with the IQniter system, which is the same way professional athletes do it to get the balance of training right. The iQniter system allows you to train in your individual heart rate zone. That way you make sure to train hard enough to achieve optimum results and not too hard, so your body will break down. The iQniter system in our cardio classes give you better results and keep you motivated.

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Body and Mind

Like in other parts of our life also when it comes to exercise it’s important to find the proper balance between hard work and rest. In stressful times, after a hard day of work or an intense training session connecting the mind to the body might be just the right thing to make us feel better. There are many forms of body and mind exercises. All of them help you to create awareness, focus on your breathing and promote muscle relaxation.

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