Functional Fitness

At Club Fit Javea we specialise in functional training and pride ourselves on having the most up-to-date functional fitness equipment for boosting sports performance and developing functional strength for everyday life. Our unique selection of functional training tools allows you to utilise the body’s natural movement patterns in all planes of motion and mimics movements of everyday life and sports. Integrating functional exercises helps you to power your workouts, enhances your sports performance and improves your quality of life.

Functional Tower

The functional tower is designed to allow you to exercise the whole body to the maximum. By combining plyometric exercises with elements of calisthenics, obstacle races and martial arts you will not only improve overall strength, agility, stamina, and core power but also take your workout to the next level.


No one has ever lifted a heavy box, done the perfect top spin or made a great golf swing lying down, so why are so many core exercises done with your back on the ground or in a seated position? When you can make a direct correlation between your workout movements and the same motions you do in everyday life activities or in sports, you realize that you are developing more than just strength, you are developing core power. And this is what Core Stix was created for: to develop usable strength. This is exactly the strength you need, when you lift heavy objects, play sports, clean the house or work in the garden.

CoreStix consists of a platform, on which you perform the exercises in standing position. Resistance bars are connected to the platform, which provides us with progressive resistance. Studies show that training in the upright position results in better core strengthening benefits. CoreStix was originally created for world-class athletes and has since evolved into the most versatile fitness product available for building useable strength. Now everyone, from professional trainers to physical therapists are seeing the benefits of the CoreStix system to deliver usable strength to their clients. Using CoreStix means having core power. The bottom line is, the best way to improve your sports performance and the activities of daily life is to strengthen your body while in the upright position.

Core Hammer

Training with the sledgehammer is one of the oldest forms of training and everybody having used the sledgehammer for destruction can tell how damn hard of a workout it is. The Core Hammer is the safe and more fitness-friendly sledgehammer alternative. We use the Core Hammer as a full body workout with and without a tire. By swinging the Core Hammer like a sledgehammer, you develop raw strength, explosive power, upper body mobility and stability without living in fear that the head of the hammer is going to fly off. The Core Hammer workout engages your whole body in all three dimensions developing muscular strengths, tendons of steel and incredible stamina. Along with the physical benefits that come with Core Hammer training, swinging and slamming it down liberates your raw inner power and leaves you feeling damn good. The more power you add to the swing the harder it gets. Smash your way into shape!

Power Pipe

Traditional barbells work some muscles. The Power Pipe works nearly all of them! How?

The Power Pipe is a capped pipe filled with a certain amount of water, which is the key element of the pipe. Picking up or moving the Power Pipe lets the water develop a life on its own. It doesn’t stay still and rushes uncontrollably back and forth. Due to the constantly changing center of gravity your heart and lungs will be pumping hard to deliver enough oxygen and blood to practically every muscle, so you will be able to keep the Power Pipe under control. Don’t get yourself distracted while training with the Power Pipe or otherwise you’ll get kicked into the face by the laws of physics. Simple exercises such as squats, biceps curls or the military press when you doing it with the Power Pipe become more dynamic and challenging and turn into a hell of a core workout. You will be amazed by how deep you feel the muscles firing in your core. And you will be shocked by how sore you feel the next day. Don’t let the Power Pipe control you – you control the Power Pipe!


The SmartFit is a futuristic multisensory training wall and one of the technological highlights at Club Fit. While training on the SmartFit wall you need to perform exercises like walking or running around cones or over hurdles, and squatting and then strike targets on the SmartFit wall with your hands, feet or a ball. Simultaneously engaging the whole body and multiple senses triggers and strengthens new brain connections to improve both mental and physical performance. SmartFit merges body fitness and brain fitness like no other training method.

Neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to re-wire itself in response to sensory experiences, is now accepted science thanks to Eric Kandel, Nobel Prize winner in 2011. Research also confirms that exercise is good for the brain because BDNF, a hormone often described as ‘miracle grow for the brain’, is produced during exercise and is responsible for promoting the development of neurons. And this is exactly what SmartFit does: it provides you with sensory experiences while you are performing physical exercise. The sequence of physical and cognitive engagement literally lights up the brain triggering the development of new neurons. SmartFit not only makes you fitter, but also smarter.

SmartFit works great for you if you wantto improve your overall fitness or your sports performance, increase stamina and endurance, get faster and more agile, improve reaction, coordination and balance, improve your mental health and cognitive performance.


The Swingbar is an inconspicuous flexible bar, which you have to get to vibrate in your hands while stabilizing your whole body. It is an effective but simple training tool to strengthen those deeper lying muscles on your back, your abdominals and around your shoulder joint, which you hardly can strengthen with other types of exercise. Due to normal degeneration when we get older, constant or unilateral strain such as high impact exercises or playing sports the distance between two vertebrae can decrease or the position of the vertebrae in relation to the vertebral discs can change. This very often leads to sensations such as numbness in the fingers, a stinging feeling in the chest, headaches, tennis elbow or sciatica.

Training with the Swingbar helps to strengthen the core, the joints and the connective tissue, counteracting muscle imbalances and improving overall performance.

Functional fitness
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