Believe in yourself – be fit and fabulous

Believe in yourself – be fit and fabulous. No matter if you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s …

To all the fabulous women

International Women’s Day is held every year on 8th March all around the globe to celebrate women’s achievement and to raise awareness of women’s rights.  This year’s International Women’s Day focuses on the theme “Each for equal”. No matter what you fight for or what you believe in, no matter what you do for a living or if you must manage an entire family or not, no matter your age or shape, it is essential to be strong, physically and emotionally.

Among other factors regular exercise and healthy eating are crucial to maintain a healthy body and mind, so we can face the challenges in modern life with a smile on our face.

Strength training builds more than muscles

Did you know that strength training does more than bulk up muscles? In fact, strong muscles lead to strong bones. Weight training, functional training with Core Stix and Vibration training are great ways to build strong muscles and strong bones. Strong muscles provide our body with a support, acting like a corset and minimizing the risk of fracture due to osteoporosis in case of a fall or an accident.

Women and men’s hearts tick differently

No, it's not about whether women and men are compatible. It's about the muscle cells of the female heart. They can repair themselves better and form new vascular structures than the male heart muscle cells. This advantage is primarily tied to the genes and the hormones. However, if the estrogen disappears during menopause, this has a negative effect on the function of the coronary arteries. When the metabolism slows down with age, weight gain, diabetes and high blood pressure can occur. Especially if we don't move regularly. But regardless of gender: We can keep our heart healthy, especially with slow and heart rate monitored endurance training such as Nordic walking, spinning or LaDanza. If we expose our heart to this type of mild stress, small vessels and branches grow, which makes it easier for our heart to transport the blood through the body and to supply it with oxygen and nutrients.

Pamper yourself to reduce stress

Some stress can lead to better performance, but when we experience one stressful situation after the other without managing the stress, it all adds up. While we can’t change many things happening around us, changing our lifestyle can help us minimize our stress level. Group fitness exercises such as Jumping, DrumBeats and Mixed Martial Arts are great ways to alleviate stress and lift our mood. Pilates, Tai Chi and Yoga help us to relax and calm down. Can’t make it to the gym today? Treat yourself with an aromatherapy bath to promote relaxation and a restful sleep.

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