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Feeling Good and Looking Good
takes you to a Happy Place
Whatever your Age we Guarantee
to Improve your Quality of Life
Remember what it was like?
We will help you feel young again
Sports can be for Everyone
let us Help you Achieve your Goals

Upcoming Classes

indoor cycling
2:00pm - 4:00pm

4:00pm - 6:00pm

cardio fitness
6:00pm - 8:00pm

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Do you want to live long and prosper and have a quality of life that many wish for and don’t experience?

Then visit us in Club Fit in Javea, we are the centre of excellence for creating progammes, which will give you a healthy, mind, body and soul.

We have the latest state of the art equipment and classes covering all routines, for fitness and strength, including pilates, yoga, jumping, dancing, vibra fit, drum beat, mixed martial arts and much , more.

You have a choice of classes supervised by our highly qualified fitness coaches, you can also train on your own, or have a mix of classes and one to one coaching, the choice is yours.

We also specialise in helping people with mobilty problems, health conditions, and as well formulating weight loss programs, which includes nutritional advice.

So if you want to be part of a new, unique and effective way of improving your quality of life, contact us today for a free fitness assessment.


Team Members

Peter Fitz

Peter Fitz


Mika Fitz

Mika Fitz


Isabel Costa Rönker

Isabel Costa Rönker

(Receptionist Multi Lingual)

Antonio Cotillas Berruga

Antonio Cotillas Berruga

(Fitness Instructor)

Paquita Rosello Bequio

Paquita Rosello Bequio


Latest Gym News

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Start a personal training session with one of our fitness trainers

We are proud of our members’ success!

  • The training in CLUB F!T is not only healthy, but also great fun.


    (63 years, )

  • Last year I had a serious heart operation and, because of my severe back pain, I was also going to physiotherapy. Now at CLUB F!T I regularly attend different classes and very often I don’t have any more pain. My stamina and coordination have improved and the training is great fun. Lovely atmosphere and competent, nice coaches also contribute to the “happy-training”. For me this is probably the most modern way to train the body, so I can recommend CLUB FIT to anyone who wants to train his body and his mind in a fun way.


    (63 years, )

  • To train in CLUB F!T is a new philosophy of life. CLUB F!T offers programmes for each taste throughout the day. And a great atmosphere. Due to the super-attention of the coaches who see the weaknesses and then provide individual assistance, I have improved by at least 70%!


    (72 years, )

  • Because of back problems and osteoarthritis all doctors advised me do more sports. So far I was a real couch potato. Since I started training at CLUB F!T I minimized the back pain. And the single most important thing: The first time in my life I really enjoy physical activity. Caution - highly addictive! Couch potatoes turn into Fitholics!


    (61 years, )

  • My goal is to stay physically independent, to strengthen my muscles and to get rid of the pain. Due to the focused training under professional guidance I have achieved this goal. Moreover, it’s great fun to participate at the various classes with happy people.


    (71 years, )

  • I started because the hospital said I had to stop Zumba and start Pilates to help my spinal problems. It is getting better and doing the Pilates is helping. I have no pain in the hips since I started at CLUB F!T and my spine is a little better, but I feel fitter all over. They do something for everyone. I have danced all my life so I enjoy LaDanza! and I love DrumBeats.


    (67 years, )

  • I have lost 5 kg since starting 2 months ago and my blood pressure has improved to 115/75. My fitness and stamina have improved dramatically. There are so many classes to choose from. You will get fit, stay fit and most importantly you will have fun and keep coming back.


    (56 years, )

  • I wanted to strengthen my muscle, tone up my body, and lose weight. I feel fit and I am enjoying the group sessions with the instructors always there. Very friendly and professional staff.


    (62 years, )

  • I can feel the improvement in muscle tone and have lost some weight whilst enjoying the full range of different classes and making new friends! I have no regrets about joining CLUB F!T. I can really feel the benefits, and it is great value for money with classes at any time of the day.


    (51 years, )

  • I was recuperating from a back injury and it became important to make my life more active. The method of training attracted me; it is a method which focuses on each individual with their specific needs which is very important. I am benefitting in lots of ways: weight loss, toning, I’ve become more flexible. Generally speaking, my quality of life has improved and being sedentary no longer forms part of my daily life.


    (47 years, )

  • CLUB FIT motivates me because of the excellent trainers and because everything is so clean. The benefits of the gym are the timetables and there are always activities you can join in with.


    (36 years, )

  • I have always been in good condition, but I needed flexibility. I have never encountered such a unique gym. The possibilities are endless and the rewards are fantastic. From a couch potato to a world class athlete, anyone can benefit from this fantastic CLUB FIT.


    (68 years, )

  • After a prolonged illness I was very weak and my weight had soared to 92 kilos. Now after 3 months of regular sessions with super personal trainers my body is more flexible and my muscle tone is returning, and my weight is going down 13 kilos – I now feel almost young again. The unique system of training with excellent equipment makes training a pleasure.


    (82 years, )

  • I wanted to get fit and tone up and I also wanted to work on my knees which have been operated on through rugby. I have been able to lose weight and tone up. My knees are not so weak and I manage to do a lot more than I used to. CLUB F!T is a completely different type of gym. They aim to help you individually and help you improve whatever you seek to achieve.


    (29 years, )

Our Training Zones

muscle build pro

1 year training program

  • 3 days a week progarm
  • Diet progarm Included
  • Professional Trainers

$ 99. 99/ 1 year

women strength traning

6 month traning program

  • 3 days a week progarm
  • Diet progarm Included
  • Professional Trainers

$ 59. 99/ 1 year

fat burning pro

3 month training program

  • 3 days a week progarm
  • Diet progarm Included
  • Professional Trainers

$ 39. 99/ 1 year

fat burning pro

3 month training program

  • 3 days a week progarm
  • Diet progarm Included
  • Professional Trainers

$ 39. 99/ 1 year

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3 days a week program
Diet program included
Professional Trainers
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