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Best value gym membership in Javea

We have a large selection of free weights, strength and cardio machines for endurance, stamina, strength and weight training. 

Fitness classes & high intensity training

Functional training for sports and fitness. Take your training to the next level and improve your quality of life.

Body & mind, core & flexibility training

Choose from a wide range of classes in fitness, dance, physical rehabilitation, wellbeing, martial arts and more.

The future of fitness in Javea

Club Fit Javea is located between the Arenal and the Old Town of Javea and offers everything you need in order to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Located in Calle Roma 3 just beside the Camping Javea and a two-minute walk from the Supercor roundabout Club Fit Javea is a great place to work out whether you fancy a challenge, are new to exercise or want to socialize.

Club Fit Javea offers a wide range of facilities including a cardio theatre with heart rate monitoring system, a gym floor with strength and functional training equipment, two group exercise studios and a café with free WiFi.

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At CLUB FIT we train with iQniter, a heart rate monitoring system which provides you with real-time visual feedback while you’re exercising, and helps you reach your fitness goals quickly and safely.

iQniter helps you get more out of your training by taking into account your individual ability and fitness level when analysing your performance and setting goals. Think of it as your personal training partner who knows exactly how you’re feeling.

You’ll get fitter quicker, and safer – and at your own pace!

Why you should choose Club Fit

Physical Activity

A body in motion stays in motion and working out regularly has many total-body benefits. Positive health effects include stronger muscles and bones, better cardiovascular health and a lower risk of developing chronic diseases. No matter if you want to challenge your body from head to toe, set your abs on fire or if you are looking for an easy-to-follow fitness routine, we’ve got you covered. Check back regularly to keep up-to-date with our newest group classes and great workouts.

Healthy eating

Reaching your fitness goals and staying healthy requires dedication to both exercise and diet. No matter if you want to lose weight, build muscle or prepare for a triathlon, fueling your body properly will help you reach your fitness goals and return to health. Be sure to stay up-to-date with the latest in science-based nutrition by signing up for one of our nutrition workshops or arranging an appointment with one of our nutrition councilors.

Body & Mind Balance

Exercise is for more than just weight loss or toned muscles. Connecting your body to your mind can boost other aspects of your health such as brain function and emotional well-being. No matter if you are lifting weights, challenge yourself on the spin bike or stretch your muscles in the Pilates class, exercise helps you sleep better, reduces stress and improves your mood. Joining your favorite body-mind class regularly will make you a little happier every day.

Meet New Friends

Whether you compete against others in our Triathlon class, lift weights together with your best buddy or dance yourself into shape together with other Zumba-enthusiasts, working out in the gym can be incredibly entertaining and social. Exercising together with others also helps you stay motivated and makes your gym session so much more fun. Group fitness classes are a great way to make friends at the gym. Don’t be shy, join your favorite class and become part of the Club Fit family.

We are proud of our members’ success …


I have always been in good condition, but I needed flexibility. I have never encountered such a unique gym. The possibilities are endless and the rewards are fantastic. From a couch potato to a world class athlete, anyone can benefit from this fantastic CLUB FIT.

68 years


I wanted to strengthen my muscle, tone up my body, and lose weight. I feel fit and I am enjoying the group sessions with the instructors always there. Very friendly and professional staff.

62 years


The training in CLUB FIT is not only healthy, but also great fun.

63 years


The training in CLUB FIT is not only healthy, but also great fun.

63 years


I have lost 5 kg since starting 2 months ago and my blood pressure has improved to 115/75. My fitness and stamina have improved dramatically. There are so many classes to choose from. You will get fit, stay fit and most importantly you will have fun and keep coming back.

56 years


Last year I had a serious heart operation and, because of my severe back pain, I was also going to physiotherapy. Now at CLUB FIT I regularly attend different classes and very often I don’t have any more pain. My stamina and coordination have improved and the training is great fun. Lovely atmosphere and competent, nice coaches also contribute to the “happy-training”. For me this is probably the most modern way to train the body, so I can recommend CLUB FIT to anyone who wants to train his body and his mind in a fun way.

63 years

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