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CrossTrain4U Zone

CrossTrain4U Zone

CrossTrain4U combines functional movements with H.I.T. (high intensity cardio training) that means short, but intensive endurance training intervals. You can choose between classes which focus on overall fitness and classes which include Mixed Martial Arts moves.

Group Classes in the CrossTrain4U Zone:

CrossTone Balance Trainer
CrossTone Swingbar
CrossTone Gymstick

Mixed Martial Arts Classes in the Xtrain4u Zone

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)

Are you looking for a workout that burns a lot of calories? Have you always wanted to copy your heroes from films and television? Did you always want to throw some punches, do some kicks, or do some grappling?

Are you looking for a workout to reduce aggression and stress? Do you want to improve your speed, mobility, flexibility and core stability? Are you looking for a DOJO to prepare for Martial Arts competitions?

All this and more you can reach at MMA classes at CLUB F!T. On top of all the advantages mentioned above is the fun factor and an adrenaline boost. Learn how to use your power, how to react fast​, and improve your technique. Get stronger and faster, create good footwork, and let your “opponents” run into empty space. Hone your skills with sparring (light contact), with different opponents and get ready to compete.

What is Mixed Martial Arts?

Mixed Martial Arts is a combination of different martial arts styles. MMA is usually practiced in the competition and in so-called Cage Fights. At CLUB F!T, we do not put you in the ring, but slowly teach you, step by step, the basic principles of different martial arts styles, in order to gradually improve and combine them. That way we will give you a comprehensive understanding and you will be able to combine and apply the different martial arts styles. The keystones to becoming a good martial artist are a correct and efficient technique to guarantee the greatest possible efficiency, with the least risk of injury and proper use in everyday life and especially in extreme situations.

Whether you’re a novice who has never had a boxing glove on, or an already seasoned martial artist with experience. We can optimize your technique and style in different areas and improve your performance.

Self-defense for women and for men is another important component of our portfolio. Here, above all, emphasis is placed on everyday suitability and authenticity to simulate real life situations in order to achieve results and minimize the risk of escalation and injuries. The techniques has to be as efficiently and as simple as possible. Self-Defense classes are suitable for total beginners and seasoned athletes.

In the MMA classes you will not only improve your combat style, but due to the heart rate monitoring system at CLUB F!T, you will also reach optimal results in the field of cardio vascular fitness. In addition we offer special MMA related exercises on our functional training equipment such as Core Stix or Gymstick, so you reach optimal results in the areas of power and speed very fast.

The whole experience is loaded with a lot of fun and motivation so that even hard training units not only bring success and tired muscles but also great satisfaction and positive feelings.

Following are the Mixed Martial Arts Classes in the Xtrain4u Zone

CrossPower BalanceTrainer
CrossPower Raktor

The MMA classes are for you if you

  • want to strengthen your arms, legs, abs and back
  • want to increase your cardio vascular endurance
  • want to lose weight
  • want to build up some muscles or tone your body
  • want to prepare for challenges
  • like high intensity workouts
  • want to increase speed and power
  • want to release stress
  • are looking for a high energetic class
  • want to make new friends

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