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Why Train at CLUB F!T

iQniter Heart Rate Monitoring System

At CLUB F!T you will train with iQniter a heart rate monitoring system which will allow you as an individual to reach your goals concerning your cardio vascular fitness in a safe and fast way.

In its simplicity, you can say that obtaining individual group exercising means to get each participant to push himself according to his own ability. If you ask all participants to provide 80% of their own individual age, fitness level and gender related abilities, they have all worked on equal terms.
Training with the iQniter heart rate system is an excellent solution to do this.
With iQniter it is possible to make a visual graphic throughout the session stages and each interval step and their intensities. No participant will therefore feel overwhelmed.
It is easier to work hard when you can see exactly how far there is to the next break or easier intensity level.

Training effect is created through exertion and rest

A long-duration, low-intensity workout will not necessarily result in a high training effect, while even a short, high-intensity workout may produce a high value.

It is important to note that the numerical training effect values do not mean that a workout with a lower numerical value is somehow worse or less significant than a workout with a high value. Both are needed in balanced training. Low-intensity training builds a foundation on which you can safely build workouts with a higher training effect. Without a good foundation, high-intensity training will build a wobbly tower or an upside down pyramid that can topple due to too overload – followed by overstress and decreased performance.
It should also be remembered that stress and training effect go hand in hand. The stress your body is subjected to during exercise will only be transformed into a training effect through rest and recuperation.

So take a close look at your heart rate throughout the whole training session and control your training results at home with the training report sent to you automatically.


The unique IFC®-Systems developed by fitness professionals based on sports science and long term experience gives you as a client the individual time for you other group class systems can’t give you.

IFC® stands for:

I = Instruct:

  • The IFC®-Coach demonstrates in a specially designed class format the exercises, explains main muscle groups activated, and informs you about the benefits of the exercise.
  • Offers for each exercise a variation (to make the exercise more challenging) or a modification (to make the exercise less challenging).
  • Therefore working on your individual abilities and fitness levels.

F = Follow:

  • You will follow the instructions given before so you can reach your goals as fast as possible in a safe way according to your personal abilities.

C = Correct:

  • The IFC®-Coach corrects wrong movement patterns and gives each participant individual feedback, motivation and appreciation.

Since the IFC® Coach does not execute the exercises at the same time as the clients he can fully concentrate on the most important part of the exercise – You.

This unique and registered training system is only available at CLUB F!T.

You can easily compare our group classes with personal training in a small group without the high cost of personal training and you understand why the results you get from us at CLUB F!T are unique as our system and equipment.

Fitness Tests

Fitness testing is a way of gaining information about the health related and skill related components of an athlete’s fitness. Testing can take place in a number of environments, with laboratory testing being the most accurate, however there is still a large range of tests that can be carried out, away from a lab, which provide a lot of useful information.

Why Fitness Test:

  • To highlight the strengths and weakness of an athlete enabling a training program to be devised which addresses the findings
  • To measure fitness levels following injury, illness or following the off season
  • To assist in setting goals
  • To determine health status (in the non-sporting population)
  • Talent identification
  • To aid motivation
  • To monitor the progress over a certain period of time

At CLUB F!t first one of our fitness professionals assists your health and exercise history. Then we will test your cardio vascular endurance, your muscular strength, your coordination, balance and your flexibility. Based on the results of the test, your health status and your goals we will elaborate a training program for you.

Tests are redone every 4 months to measure the training success and determining the new goals of you as an individual.

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