Peter Fitz

Peter Fitz, co-founder at Club Fit

About me

I am the co-founder of CLUB FIT. On a daily basis, I work as fitness and nutrition counselor and personal trainer. I am also constantly observing new fitness trends. Working in a specialized functional training facility like CLUB FIT is so much more rewarding than working in a conventional gym. The way CLUB FIT is set up as a top of the range training facility enables me to use all my experience with the right tools to cater for all age groups and fitness levels. Working with total beginners and showing them the essential skills to get safe and fast results, working with sport rehabilitation customers who need the extra help to reach their original fitness level, or creating a personal training session for ambitious athletes is very satisfying when I see them progress and the smile on their face.

In addition, teaching new instructors by using my knowledge in biomechanics, sports physiology and anatomy, and guide them through the challenge of becoming a seasoned instructor is also challenging and rewarding.

My message

Keeping fit and healthy is a lifetime experience. Based on my professional and personal experience in different sports and health clubs, I can honestly say getting fit and staying healthy was never more fun and more rewarding as in CLUB FIT.

My qualifications

  • Creator of Xtrain4U® and IFC®-System
  • Functional Training Master Trainer
  • Vibrafit Master Trainer
  • Trainer for Sports Rehabilitation
  • Mixed Martial Arts Trainer
  • Personal Trainer
  • Nutrition Councilor

My hobbies

I train several times a week in CLUB FIT using Core Stix and the Vibrafit or joining X-Punch, X-Kick, X-Tone Swingbar or X-Tone Gymstick classes. During summertime I enjoy mountain biking early mornings and on weekends I go for long walks with the dogs. As a true “petrol head” all activities with engines involved are one of my main activities beside sports. Either actively pushing the throttle or passively watching.

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