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Spinning for health – CardioSPIN Masterclass at Club Fit Javea

Spinning for all fitness levels

Indoor cycling, spinning or CardioSPIN is a healthy, trendy sport that has many benefits. Spinning is an aerobic exercise that is practiced in groups on static bicycles to the rhythm of music. Indoor cycling is adaptable to any age and fitness level. First, you have to choose a class according to your fitness level: There are 25 minute sessions for beginners and 45 to 90 minute classes for bike addicts. Second, it is important to adjust the resistance of the bike during the class according to your fitness level.


Control your heart rate


Therefore, it is essential to control your heart rate during the CardioSPIN class. You easily can control the heart rate during the practice of physical exercise with a heart rate belt. The heart rate control provides very useful indications to perform a healthier and more efficient training. Thanks to the control of the heart rate, you strengthen your heart strengthened in a healthy way and this helps us to decrease our heart rate at rest.

The benefits of spinning

As indoor cycling requires the movement of our body while pedaling, we not only strengthen the heart and lungs but also the muscles. There are times when we are sitting, while others when we get up from the saddle. So the spinning training focuses on the muscles of the buttocks, thighs and calves. In a spinning class you can burn up to 800 calories and therefore it helps you lose weight. Spinning not only activates the body but also the mind. You focus on pedaling, the music and the group dynamics therefore it is an ideal activity to disconnect and reduce stress.


Are you a bike addict? Then join our CardioSPIN Masterclass 21st February at 10:30 am at CLUB FIT Jávea for our 90 minutes uninterrupted cycling challenge.


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