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Private Sessions

Personal Sessions at CLUB F!T

These one-on-one session are tailored to meet your individual requirements and are particularly suitable for persons with special training goals.

Personal Training

Why Personal Training? Why spend extra money if I can have it cheaper? Simple answer is you “can’t” have it cheaper.

You can have less personalized workouts, less efficient sessions, less time efficient work outs for less, but not a high quality personal one-on-one or one-on-two personal session with highly qualified fitness specialists such as the CLUB F!T Personal Trainers.

With Personal Training

  • you get guaranteed results
  • you achieve your goals in the shortest time, with maximum efficiency and safety
  • you learn proper technique, posture and execution of exercises
  • we program a customized program for your sport specific goals
  • you maximize the results and minimize the time you spend for training
  • you get a personalized tailor made program for you
  • you get individual feedback, motivation and instructions you need
  • as a seasoned athlete, you can get new perspectives and solid knowledge from a fitness professional
  • you prevent injuries when you are prone to having accidents or injuries

Sports Rehabilitation

The missing link in Rehabilitation. In our daily lives accidents or as called by professionals traumas can occur in different scenarios or activities. Important at all times a functioning rescue chain. While in most developed countries the rescue chain, traumatology, operations and physiotherapy is well established the sport rehabilitation is nearly none existing.

What is Sport rehabilitation?

After an accident, when the doctors or the hospital did their job the work of a physiotherapist is to gain normal functions to joint and muscles (e.g.: after a broken leg and a cast for several weeks the physiotherapist works with the patient until a normal function means walking, stair climbing and so on is established up to a certain degree.

Then the patient will be left alone in most of the cases although he did not reach 100% of his initial performance level yet. That’s when CLUB F!T sports rehabilitation trainers can take over. With our unique equipment and more important extensive knowledge in the area of sport rehabilitation, we can bring you back to the fitness level you had before the trauma. In most cases due to the outstanding equipment and the individualized training programs you will exceed the performance level you had before your injury.

Sports rehabilitation is for you if you had recently

  • accident
  • operations
  • back or neck problems
  • joint problems
  • impaired mobility
  • hip or knee replacement
  • Arthrosis
  • any other problem restricting your mobility and quality of life

Weight Management

Proper and healthy diet. One of the main themes in the field of fitness wellness and health.

Which “diet” is right for me? What actually means diet? Are animal products, vegetarian or even vegan foods better for me? Which dietician can I believe?

The celebrity chef, dieticians, public authorities or rather magazines and internet? Is there “a” diet for all? Are the diets of the stars the key to success or is the main part on their success drugs medicine, photo shop or a genetic component?

Are we eating the right food for our digestive system? Is organic the way out or are the industrially manufactured products the better solution?

The flood of information is almost inexhaustible and for most of the population it is actually impossible to distinguish what is actually right and healthy or wrong. One thing all of these diets have in common is that they will not work in the long term, because basic principles of diet and biogenetics and the influence of one of our most important and influential areas in the body, are not considered.

Curious about the difference in the CLUB F!T lifestyle coaching and weight management system?

Sugars, carbohydrates, protein, fat, oils, what is that actually and what effect so they have on or you in your body. What is necessary? What is harmful?
Surprising insights are guaranteed!

Numerous customers already know the difference between a sustainable and healthy diet offered by the CLUB F!T experts.

Sign up for a journey into a new life with our CLUB F!T weight management coaches.

Lifestyle Coaching

Lifestyle coaching assists you to achieve a better well-being through changes in your lifestyle. Together with your lifestyle coach you analyse your current lifestyle including diet, fitness, stress and recovery and prepare a tailor-made concept for a healthier lifestyle.

Lifestyle Coaching is for you if you

  • want to lose weight and tried many diets already
  • don’t have enough energy to perform your daily tasks
  • don’t find enough sleep
  • don’t know how to include an exercise program into your daily routine
  • suffer from chronic diseases and want to improve your overall well being

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