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Jenni Habbig

(Personal Trainer)
Jenny Habbig

About me

I work as Personal Trainer, Sports Therapist, IFC-Coach, and fitness counselor at CLUB F!T. In addition, I assist at the reception and in administration whenever needed. My passion it to work with all different kind of people and to see how they develop to the better in physical and psychological ways due to regular exercise. I like to work together in a team and love to make my contribution so others can live a healthy life.

My message

Even if it seems difficult at times to achieve your goals or to see progress, always remember the overall benefits of sports and exercise such as the fun you have in the classes together with others and the relaxation effect on the mind.

My qualifications

  • Bachelor of Arts in Sports, Health and Prevention
  • Sports- and Fitness Merchant
  • IFC®-Coach
  • Vibrafit Coach
  • Courses in Customer Service

My hobbies

I like the mix of everything – the training in CLUB F!T, playing tennis, swimming, horse riding, running, beach volleyball… I just use every chance to be active together with my friends.