Cardio Equipment

We offer a wide range of cardio equipment including treadmills, functional walkers, rowing machines and indoor bikes.  The names of the machines might sound familiar to you, but most probably you never experienced the difference between training on conventional cardio machines, and the latest innovative pieces of cardio equipment available here at CLUB FIT.

iQniter System

The key role of our cardio area plays the iQniter system. This sophisticated heart rate monitoring system allows you to control your heart rate during the cardio. The heart is a muscle, and like the skeletal muscles it becomes stronger as you exercise it. Measuring the heart rate during exercise helps you determine how hard you must push your body to achieve the level of fitness you are seeking. This way you avoid over- or undertraining and you can take immediate training decision based on the information you receive from the iQniter system during your session. Heart rate controlled training helps you to get fit faster and stay overall healthy. 

Manual Treadmill

This self-powered cardio machine does not have a motor, so you need to get the belt moving with the power of your muscles. That way you will engage more the back of your legs especially the hamstrings, the calves, and the gluteus muscles. Because the muscles on our front thigh (quadriceps or quads) are larger and used more frequently during daily activities, most of us have a stronger quadriceps and rather weak muscles on the back of the upper leg (hamstrings). Training on a conventional treadmill only aggravates this muscle imbalance. On the contrary, working out on a self-powered treadmill helps to strengthen the back of the upper leg and therefore reduce muscles imbalances and the risk of injury.

Another great advantage of the self-powered treadmill is that you control the speed of the belt with your body. By making bigger steps, walking faster or placing the foot more forward on the belt the belt moves faster. You always need to keep your body under control, otherwise the belt moves too fast or will stop. This encourages you to engage the deeper laying muscles in your trunk, which in turn improves your core stability and your balance. The slightly curved surface of the belt promotes proper walking technique and reduces the impact on knees, hips and back.

Functional Walker

Also our functional walkers are self-powered and therefore demand your muscles’ power to get moving. This works your body in a more effective and balanced way in contrary to conventional functional walkers or cross walkers. The functional walker offers a whole body workout, hence you not only work your legs but also your arms, shoulders and back. The Functional Walker allows four different types of movements such as jogging, cross country skiing, stair climbing and cycling. You can transition from one movement to the other without the need to stop, which helps you to keep the flow in your cardio and beats exercise boredom.

Indoor Rower

The indoor rower is one of the most effective exercise equipment hence you work ninety percent of your muscles while rowing. Our popular Concept2 indoor rowers have originally been created as training aid for top athletes, but offer a higher frame to make it easier to get on and off.  Once you are familiar to the proper rowing technique and know how to maintain a steady space, you are ready for interval training and our Triathlon class.

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