Pilates and stretching

Pilates and Stretching classes are for you, if you want to:

  • strengthen your core
  • improve flexibility
  • relieve tight tissue
  • get rid of back or joint pain
  • increase concentration and awareness
  • calm your mind
  • reduce stress

Classical Pilates

Pilates is a body-mind exercise created by Joseph Pilates. Joseph Pilates called it “Contrology”, meaning the mind should control the body. It is a combination of strengthening and stretching exercises with special focus on the deep abdominal and back muscles. Nowadays Pilates is taught in many different ways, but only the classical Pilates, which we teach at CLUB FIT, adheres to the original method of Joseph Pilates.

In this class we perform classical Pilates exercises on the mat. The center of the Pilates Method is the breathing. Deep, controlled breathing activates blood circulation and awakens cells and muscles. You will learn the fundamentals of Pilates training and the classical Pilates exercises such as The Basic 5 and the Basic 10.

Pilates fusion

In this invigorating body and mind class we perform a variety of classical Pilates exercises with the aid of small training tools such as the foam roller, the Magic Circle and the resistance band. The equipment provides us with resistance and an additional challenge when performing the Pilates exercises.

Like in all Pilates classes we focus on deep breathing and activating the deep core muscles. In addition we target areas such as the thighs, arms and back, allowing you to leave the class feeling toned and stretched.

Stretch & Flow

Stretch & Flow is a unique body and mind workout to invigorating music. We combine movements of Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Yoga and Pilates that mobilize and stretch your whole body.

In the first part of the class we warm up the joints and muscles with fluid movements. Then we activate the circulation of the blood and the oxygen throughout the body with a series of dynamic movements. In the third part, we focus on mobilizing the spine and activating the deep abdominal muscles. We complete the class with a series of deep stretching exercises leaving you elongated and rebalanced.

Stretch Intense

Tense muscles and tangled layers of fascia are the main cause of pain in the back and joints. In this course you will learn how to release tension with special stretching exercises to relieve or eliminate pain. You'll give your body back the flexibility you've long wanted, so you can live a pain-free and agile life.

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