H.I.T. and MMA Classes

H.I.T. and MMA classes are for you, if you want to:

  • increase endurance and stamina
  • increase speed, power and agility
  • strengthen and tone your body
  • lose weight
  • improve your sports performance
  • take your workout to the next level
  • reduce stress
  • develop mental toughness
  • spice up your workout
  • feel like a superhero

Boot Camp

This dynamic class incorporates the most important components of athletic conditioning: speed, agility, total body strength and core power.

In the Boot Camp class you will spice up your workout using the Core Hammer, the tires, and the battle ropes. But do not underestimate the power, speed and stamina needed for this class. The easy day was yesterday!


In this high-energy class we combine different styles of martial arts to create a full-body workout. By delivering jabs, straights, hooks, uppercuts and kicks on the heavy bag you will not only sculpt your body, but also burn tons of calories. With additional cardio drills and abdominal exercises, you will push yourself to the limit.

Unlike other combat classes we not only offer a high intensity training, but we also teach you the correct technique to punch and even more important how to avoid punches. This way you will not only transform your body but also clear your mind and elevate your spirit.


Mix up your training with our WOW (Workout of the Week) and get new ideas to keep your workout fresh and fun. WOW combines functional training exercises with high-intensity interval training as well as dynamic exercises with elements of competition, calisthenics and martial arts on our brand new functional tower. Join our WOW to take your workout to the next level.

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