Functional Training Classes

Functional training classes are for you if you want to:

  • strengthen and tone the whole body
  • activate your metabolism and lose weight
  • strengthen the abs and lower back
  • create total core stability
  • increase stamina, speed and power
  • improve balance and posture
  • improve your sports performance
  • prepare for a competition
  • prepare yourself for activities such as tennis, golf or hiking
  • prevent back and joint pain
  • reduce the risk of injuries and falls
  • look and feel good


This challenging 25-minute workout will work every angle of your core. We will sculpt and strengthen abdominals, obliques, and lower back with a variety of core exercises to improve core strength and stability. Transform your body and feel great!


Professional trainers love training their athletes on CoreStix because the innovative system was specifically designed to drive better athletic performance. Whether you want to hit harder, swing faster or generate more torque – Core Stix allows you to build power using real athletic movements that translate directly into better results on the field, in the rink and on the court.

In the CoreStix class, we do exercises which might be familiar to you, such as squats, lunges, chest press and shoulder row. But working against the progressive resistance of the CoreStix bars in standing position takes your workout to the next level. You will not only improve in overall strength, but also in core stability, balance and flexibility. CoreStix training helps you to increase sports performance, master the tasks of daily life with ease and reduce the risk of injury.


Do you want to get great fitness results in the shortest time possible? Are you looking for a diversified training routine? Don’t look any further – CrossFunc has it all. In this popular functional training class you can experience virtually unlimited exercises and movement patterns, which adapt to your ability and fitness level, no matter if you are a top athlete, , are new to training or recover from an injury. CrossFunc offers you the best balance between simple but effective exercise options.

In the CrossFunc class we use a metal frame with a bar as workout tools. Simply by changing the bar height we create different exercises and by changing the angle between the bar and your body, you can adapt the exercises to your fitness level and goal. You will learn how to perform the movements in the most effective way to get your muscles burning and your legs shaking. To get the most out of the training we integrate functional training tools such as the weight bags, the resistance straps and balance, coordination and stamina.

Entrenamiento Arenal

Are you an early bird? Do you love to train outdoors? Do you want to get your fitness routine done before starting your day? Then this early morning class on the Arenal beach is perfect for you.

In this functional training class, we combine cardio and strengthening exercises to get the most out of a 45-minute session. We start with a warmup to get your metabolism working ad your heart pumping. Then we use different functional training tools such as the Swingbar or the Raktor to work your whole body. We end the session with stretching exercises, so you can leave the class with an energetic and stretched body.

The meeting point is the parking on the southern end of the Arenal beach.

Entrenamiento Funcional

CrossTrain combines functional movements with H.I.T. (high intensity cardio training). These short, but intensive endurance training intervals get your heart pumping and boost your metabolism. With the help of functional training tools such as the PowerPipe, the Gymstick, the Swingbar and the BalaneTrainer exercises such as squats, military press and abdominal curls become even more effective and diversified. The H.I.T. with the SmartFit will boosts your metabolism, but also challenges your coordination and reaction. This gives you better results and spices up your workout.


Are you looking for a different type of workout? Do you want to strengthen your core and improve your balance in a fun way? Then try our invigorating FitBall class.

Performing whole body exercises on the stability ball adds a whole new dimension to your workout. Joining this fun class regularly will help improve your balance, strength and flexibility. You will leave the class feeling toned and stretched and with better posture.


Do you have a new dress in the wardrobe and worry how to look great in it? Do you want to tone your legs and abs for the upcoming bikini season? Do you want to show off in your new jeans at the next party and need that perfect bottom? Well, a lean tum, slim legs and a firm bottom are hard things to attain, but not impossible thanks to our very popular G.A.P. (legs, bums & tums) class. Our women members are just crazy about this energetic toning class, because it’s an effective and fun way to get rid of those wobbly bits.

First, we work on sculpturing the legs and the bottom using functional training tools such as the Gymstick, the BalanceTrainer and the weight bags. Then we target the abdominals with toning and strengthening exercises using the Magic Circle or a toning ball. We complete the class with an abdominal challenge such as the plank or the Russian twist, which gives the last touch to your abs. First you will love it, then you will hate it.

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